Kaluu Ery Open Eyes Head 1/4 BJD Dolls Resin Model Toys For Girls boys Best Gift Dolls
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Kaluu Ery Open Eyes Head 1/4 BJD Dolls Resin Model Toys For Girls boys Best Gift Dolls


Kaluu Measurement
Head circumference:
Neck circumference:
Chest circumference:
Waist circumference:
Hip circumference:
Ankle circumference:
Arm length:
Foot length:
Eye size:
Foot width:
Nude doll
Nude doll + Face up
Naked, excluded clothes, wig, shoes, face up etc.
Nude doll, Freestyle face up, excluded clothes, wig, shoes etc.
Nude doll, Freestyle face up, clothes, wig, shoes.
Please Notes:
1. About Eyes:A pair of eyes are included as gift for each doll. Most of the eyes are acrylic ones, a small
part of them are glass ones.
2. About Skin:There may besmall air bubbles, uneven coloring, raised seam lines and rough surfaces
due to the characterstics of tanned or customize skin resin.
Order modification, exchange and or cancellationisNot acceptedafter payment has been confirmed.
That clause will be accepted acquiescently once receiving your order, We ask you to make your purchaseonly if you fully understand the problems listed above may happen.
3.The eyes and gadgets that the doll is equipped with may be slightly different from the pictures. Due to the difference in the display, it also causes some color differences. Thank you for your understanding!
1. Strength team:focusing on BJD doll, integrating r&d, design, production and sales; Owns the original senior painter, modelers, dresser, make-up artist, from the creation, design, to mold, molding, grinding, makeup, and then to apparel design and production of up to hundreds of working procedure, such as sewing, modelling all completed by experienced craftsmen, presented to your BJD doll each style is unique and highly aesthetic value of art.
2. Selected high quality source materials:selected high grade resin, exquisite and smooth, comfortable to touch.
3. Exquisite three-dimensional makeup:professional makeup team, advanced pure manual spray pen technology, to create a lifelike delicate makeup!
4. Variable modeling DIY:flexible joints, strong plasticity, various parts can be converted at will and POSE;Can also change makeup, clothing, eyes, hair and styling.
5. Personalized customization:handmade, according to your requirements, customize your exclusive BJD doll.
6. Exquisite gift packaging:the brand official exquisite packaging box, gift new realm, more beautiful and decent.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 10 cm

White Skin Nude Doll, Normal Skin NudeDoll, Tan Skin Nude Doll


No Face Up, Freestyle Face up


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